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Our Products are also available with various universities on Annual Rate Contract Concentrating on the various essential factors, Shivam Instruments, an ISO 9001:2000 certified organization, have developed and designed lab equipment, pharmaceutical lab equipment which are widely used in research centers, hospitals as well as labs.

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Our products are designed and developed in various patterns after closely looking into the latest market trends with our continued efforts to give utmost customer satisfaction.
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SHI-198 : JAR TESTING OR MULTIPLE SPINDLE STIRRER (FLOCULATOR) INR 37000 INR 37000 This unit is designed for flock information fest in water treatment plants with variable speed from 25 to 150 RPM 1/20 H.P. geared motor whole unit is mounted on mild steel housing with tube lights support by four support or 9½” height. S.Steel stirring peddle 1/3” are attached to rods 10” long ¼” dia motor with lifting knob at the top. Locking collars at stirring rods permits adjustments of paddle height spacing of 6” between rods, permits use of 1000 ml beakers arresting directly on bench. Complete with ON/OFF switch. Capacity Stirrer Rs. 1lt 2 1Ltr. 4 1 Ltr. 6 2 Ltrs . 4 2 Ltrs. 6 ( Optional:- 1. Digital RPM Indicator with drive 2. Digital Timer 0-999Minute/Hrs. True 1511589882
SHI-102 : LABORATORY OVEN (UNIVERSAL MEMMERT TYPE DIGITAL MODEL) INR 0 INR 0 Double walled construction. Inner chamber made of Aluminu/ S.Steel. Outer body made of mild steel is powder coated/painted. Temperature is controlled by Microprocessor based PID Controller from 50-250C .Provided with air circulating fan . The gap between the inner & outer chamber is filled with high grade glass wool to avoid the thermal losses. Perforated adjustable trays. Two pilot lamp on/off switch. To work on 220/230 V.AC. Chamber Size (WxHxD) Trays Lts. Al.Chamber S.S.Chamber a. 300x300x300mm (12”x12”x12”) 2 28 b. 350x350x350mm (14”x14”x14”) 2 43 c. 450x450x450mm (18”x18”x18”) 2 90 d. 450x600x450mm (18”x24”x18”) 2 105 e. 600x600x600mm (24”x24”x24”) 2 215 f. 600x900x450mm (24”x36”x18”) 3 240 g. 600x900x600mm (24”x36”x24”) 3 325 Optional Accessories SHO-101 & SHO-102 2) Mechanical Timer/2Hrs. True 1511590307
RED WOOD VISCOMETERS INR 0 INR 0 SOP 101: RED WOOD VISCOMETERS These viscometers are designed for viscosity tests of petroleum products. They confirm to recruitments of IP 70. Twoadaption of red wood viscometer are available No.1 for liquids having red wood flow 20 seconds to 2000 seconds andNo.II for liquids whose flow time exceeds 2000 seconds. The complete out fit comprises hammer finished stainlesssteel bath with electrical heating arrangements suitable to operate at 220 Volts AC mains with tap, silver plated oil cupwith precision stainless steel jet, cup, cover ball, valve, thermometer-clip. Stirrer and M.S. sheet stand with levelingscrews. REDWOOD VISCOMET ER NO.1 a.) Electrical heated with energy regulator control b) Same as above with digital indicator and controller c) Same as above with variac REDWOOD VISCOMETER NO.2 a.) Electrical heated with energy regulator control b) Same as above with digital indicator and controller c) Same as above with variac SOP 102: REDWOOD VISCOMETER MULTIPLE APPARATUS It consists, two red wood no.1 cup and two red wood no.2 cup are installed in the bath. The bath is made of S.S. sheet.The temperature is controlled by electronic digital temperature controller. The stirrings is done by FHP electric motor in the heating compartment. The unit has 4 sets of oil cup covers, thermometer clips and ball valve, suitable to operate on 220 volts AC circuits OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES : a. IP 8C (0/45ºC X 0.2ºC) LOW range thermometer b. IP 9C (40x85ºC x 0.2ºC) MEDIUM range thermometer c. IP 10C (76x122ºCx0.2ºC) HIGH range thermometer d. Flask receiver 50ml capacity e.spare cup with valve for Red wood No.1 f. Spare cup with valve for Red wood No.2 i. Spare heater for Redwood No1apparatus j. Spare heater for Redwood No.2 apparatus k. Spare Ball valve for Redwood No.1 and 2 apparatus True 1512195141
PENSKY MARTEN FLASH POINT APPARATUS INR 0 INR 0 SOP 120: PENSKY MARTEN FLASH POINT APPARATUS This apparatus is made as per IP 34, ASTMD-93 and IS 1448 (Part-1) 1270 (P-21) and IS 1209-1953 method B. The apparatus consists of brass test cup with handle removable cup cover with spring operated rotating shutter having oil test Jet/Gas test jet flame device, stirrer with flexible shaft. The assembly rests in Air bath which is covered with domeshape metal top. The cup is fitted with insulated handle and locking arrangements near cup flenge. The assemble is kept on round shape electric heater with temp regulator. Suitable for operation on 220 volts. True 1512195230
SALT SPRAY TEST CHAMBER INR 0 INR 0 CONSTRUCTION:- Double walled construction with inner chamber made of SS-316 Stainless steel With all joints argon welded. Outer body fabricated out of mild steel sheet with powder coating. Complete unit is fixed on a angel iron frame fitted with castor Wheels. Top doom is also made of stainless steel/ thick acrylic sheet (Optional). Control panel is provided on the right side of the cabinet. A separate detachable Solution tank with a heater is provided separately with stand. Control Panel:- Control panel is fitted on the right side with a MCB, neon indicators, Fogger nozzle, and Digital temp. Controllers, Digital timer, Humidity Indicator, Air pressure regulator, filter, Inlet air pressure Gauze, valves etc. TOP LID:- Pyramid type with glss window to see through the samples. Solution Tank:- Provided with solution tank of 100 lts fitted with low wattge heater to Heat the solution at desired level Working Chamber size:- : A. 20X20X32” B. 15x15x28” Diffuser Tray;- A diffuser tray of SS-304/316 Is also provided to keep the samples on the tray also. Arrangment to hang the samples in the cabinet is also provided. OUTLET:- A valve fitted on the back of the cabinet to discharge the salt solution from the cabinet. True 1512195560
B.O.D. INCUBATOR (SUPER DELUXE AUTOMATIC) INR 0 INR 0 Double walled Chamber with interior walls made of stainless steel. The exterior is made heavy mild Steel powder coated.. The door is also a double walled construction. The Temperature range is from 5-60ºC, with an accuracy of +/-0.5ºC, controlled by Digital Temperature controller cum Indicator. Temperature below ambient is maintained by a hermetically sealed TECHUMSHAH/KIRLOSKAR Condensing Unit / Compressor with complete unit provided at the bottom, Complete with Stainless Steel Trays, two air circulations fan and unbreakable acrylic transparent, inside door. To work on 220/230 V, Single phase AC Supply Chamber Size (W x H x D) Cap. (Cuft.) a. 450 x 610 x 410 mm 4.0 b. 500 x 825 x 415 mm 6.1 c. 565 x 865 x 550 mm 10.0 d. 650 x 875 x 550 mm 12.0 e. 650 x 875 x 550 mm 15.0 Optional Accessories Inner illuminator with 3 Nos. fluorescent tubes of 60cm. Automatic cyclic timer 0-24 hours regulating illuminating cycle Arrangement for incubating in CO2 and Air mixture with an inlet nozzle provided with a means of admitting of CO2 RS-232 interference for computer compatible with software. True 1482407353
Jaw Crusher Heavy Duty
Jaw Crusher Heavy Duty INR 0 INR 0 The Jaw Crusher is fabricated on a very heavy channel base duly welded & reinforced with additional plates wherever required. The housing is of 16mm & 25mm plates. The jaw are of Megnese casted plate & move on the shaft. The inner size of jaw is 20x15” plate with heavy duty fly wheels of 36’’ dia. on both sides. S.NO TECHNICAL PARAMETER COMPLIANCE 1 MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION MILD STEEL PLATE 2 MATERIAL OF JAW MEGENESE 3 JAW SIZE 20X15” 4 LOAD 15HP 960 RPM GE/CROMPTON MAKE MOTER 5 FEED SIZE 300MM MAX. 6 OUTPUT SIZE 50MM 7 CAPACITY 4-5 TON DEPENDING ON SIZE. True 1482474180
SIEVE SHAKER (ROTOP MOTORIZED) SHI-174 INR 0 INR 0 This is heavy machine driven by ¼ H.P. Motor. The circular end to end motion to give by mechanism which is fully immersed in oil. The tapping motion is given by hemmer from the top. The shaker takes 6” to 8” sieves. It is recommended of ISS or BSS test sieves, the top, the shaker takes 6” to 8 sieves. It is recommended of ISS or BSS test sieves. -do- fitted with imported timer -do- fitted with crompton /equillent motor ¼ H.P. at extra price True 1507111890
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